The "No-Zone"

One of the best ways for the traveling public to drive safely near large trucks and buses is to understand the No-Zone, and how to share the road with trucks.

The No-Zones are those locations around large commercial vehicles that the truck or bus driver can not see other vehicles.

While a truck driver may be able to see vehicles right in front of the truck, the space in front of a truck or bus is also a No-Zone, as it takes at least twice as long for a large truck to stop as a regular passenger vehicle.

Safely sharing the road with trucks means giving them more space in front and behind, and limiting the amount of time spent driving alongside.

Give Big Rigs Big Space

Blindspot and No Zones - Overhead View

No Zones

The diagram above provides the four Blindspot / No Zone locations, where the driver of the truck or bus cannot see the smaller vehicle. When traveling near a truck or bus, avoid traveling in the Blindspot / No Zone.
Leave More Space
When changing lanes, leave additional space between you and the truck or bus.